Starting off

Thursday 25 April we met for the first time in a beautiful place in Enschede: Tetem, the artists and the students and lecturer in Communication Science at the University of Twente. So we are really off to a good start now, Kenrick, Marina and Emmy are going to participate in the LostEnergy project by Casper and Françoise (Kunstconstructie). The students have read the concept behind LostEnergy and together we brainstorm about how we are going to work it out, how to shape it.
Everything is possible at this stage, everything is still possible! Although there are a few elements that are part of the project to be named: the unused stuff, going from door to door, the exhibition at Tetem and the traveling exhibition in the province of Overijssel. The students’ idea is to add an Instagram account to it, so we can collect and display unused stuff both live and digitally.

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