Meeting 7.05.2019


  1. Ideas for on- offline campaigns + how to turn them into a strategy
    1. Instagram + blog
    2. Background material
  2. How to present the results in the exhibition
  3. Planning the ‘door to door’ dates
  4. Exploring and combining ideas of labeling
  5. Exploring the format of the pictures
  6. Taking pictures of the stuff we brought
  • On Tuesday, May 7th, the “LOST ENERGY TEAM” came together for a few hours in the library of the University of Twente to discuss the points mentioned in the Agenda above. First of all, we had a discussion why and how to use an Instagram account in the right way. Emmi, Kenny and me illustrated Casper and Francoise our first ideas and strategies about how to use Instagram successfully in terms of reaching a high amount of active followers. For example we spoke about a the draft of a starting message for the account, information that can be put in the bio and the possibility to link the website of the blog with the Instagram account. Moreover, we discussed the style of the feed and spoke about a competition or Instagram challenge for all the people out there, to make them feel involved in the project. In particular, we want to ask people on Instagram to make own pictures of “useless” things and send it to us (@LostEnergy). We select the best pictures and they become part of exhibition (poster in front of actual exhibition). Another topic related to Instagram we spoke about,  is to introduce us as “meet the team”. Additionally, we decided that Emmi, kenny and me will be the mainly responsible for the Instagram account while Capser care about the Blog and Francoise about the press release. This leads us to our next point of discussion: offline strategy and background material.We decided to create a behind the scenes video about the team work and the whole project. Therefore, we already placed the camera in the corner to film some laughs and lively debates of the meeting. Furthermore, we want to include small interviews of everyone involved in the project.

Link to instagram account->

  • Later on, Francoise showed us her first ideas about the logo created and the ideas of how to take the pictures of the object visually attractive in the exhibition. We were brainstorming together about different ideas and how to involve also the pictures of the people participating on Instagram. We came up with doing one main collage + one smaller one for the Instagram involvement.
  • After that we planned the exact dates for the ‘door to door’ trips, the organization of it and the required material like the informed consentform & questionnaire.
  • For preparing the questionnaire, it was necessary for us to agree on questions we want to ask about the objects, that will serve as a labeling for each object in the instagram account as well as in the exhibition.
  • As we have done that we were confirmed about an uniform format for the pictures. Photographing the object in the street
    Holding it only with the hands
    Setting the aperture to 1.4, iso and shutter speed are adapted automatically.
  • Finally, Emmi and me concluded the meeting with a photo session of our personal objects to figure out the best way of making an aesthetically pleasant  picture of the objects.

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