Lost Energy exhibition in Tetem

With the Lost Energy project exhibition, Tetem and the Province of Overijssel, the University of Twente and the artists Elise Leusink, Reinier Kranendonk and KunstConstructie are investigating what contribution art and design can make to embedding energy innovations in society. The exhibition is in line with Tetem’s Driving Technology program line.

During the exhibition, Kunstconstructie made visible the amount of unused items that had been collected live and digitally in the previous two months. A registration is also shown of this research into this lost energy.

Elise Leusink is building a machine for this exhibition. Electricity is invisible and that makes it probably so difficult to reduce its consumption. The smart meter shows the usage, but they are still abstract numbers. How much is that, a kilowatt hour or a joule? With the machine that Elise Leusink builds you can experience this for yourself and you will realize how much these energy units literally cost human labor.

Reinier Kranendonk is intrigued by the addiction of consumers to electricity and therefore also to electrically driven entertainment. Reinier is building a new installation for Lost Energy for the contemporary “do-fair” Karnieland, with which visitors experience how their own body energy can be used as a drive for a special fairground attraction.

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Stroinksbleekweg 16 7523 ZL Enschede, NL July 4 through September 15, 2019

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