Kick off: Kampen

Today was the Kick-off of our Art project “LostEnergy”. We traveled to Kampen to go from door to door and photograph and collect the objects the people hoard in their houses. After completing the morning session in the neighbourhood of Brunnepe we continued our journey in the district of IJsselmuiden.

It was very interesting to observe the different reactions of the people. We experienced people saying “no thank you” while opening the door, as well as people openly inviting us in their houses to share their objects and the corresponding stories. Not only the reactions were different, also the presented objects were very divers. We saw measuring tools for the kitchen, footbaths, old pictures and other decorative objects as well as vintage and antique looking cups and coffee pots. The corresponding stories were also very delightful and it was amazing to hear how the people obtained the presented object. Some were inherited or a present, some obtained at a flea-market or in a store.

Interestingly enough there was no clear pattern in who would participate. People all age groups and from diverse backgrounds contributed to the project and liked the opportunity to share their stories. In hindsight, it was a very enjoyable day. We met very nice, open people and look forward to travel to our next city, Dalfsen coming Friday.

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