Report D2D Almelo

Friday June 6 we have been in Almelo in two neighborhoods on the south and the north side of the Sluiskade. In the four times that we have visited the four different cities, I slowly begin to discover a pattern of things that people show when we ask them to participate in our project.

Nostalgic but also awkward are the things that have been overtaken by time: today there was a nice story about an immersion heater and that it was once very useful to feel independent in hotels on a trip. In Diepenheim we stumbled upon the walkman and the guitar. The one replaced by the CD that has already been replaced by Spotify and other streaming services. With the other you have to keep up with the latest developments in computer programs and operating systems in order to continue it to function and if you don’t use it often you will soon fall behind.

Stuff that represents a desire is also present in every city. In Almelo it was the pasta machine, a nice device for moments of a lot of time to cook extensively. Preferably together with one of the children. It hasn’t happened yet. In Kampen we already came across the foot bath, a desire for a moment for yourself that never happens. Or hopefully in a different way. In Diepenheim the fitness machine for the abdominal muscles with the hope that if you buy it something good will really happen to those abdominal muscles.

There are also a lot of stories about things that have been given, won or inherited. Given by an uncle, aunt, girlfriend, inherited from your father, mother or husband. It is difficult, it has emotional value to a greater or lesser extent and so you can hardly give it up while the people we speak do not like and / or do not use the item. It gnaws on conscience. Today in Almelo a story of a lady who has had a vase from the club with which they always celebrate Sinterklaas. Everyone buys a gift for a maximum of 5 euros and then hope that you get something that will make you happy in the long term.

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