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Lost Energy exhibition in Tetem

With the Lost Energy project exhibition, Tetem and the Province of Overijssel, the University of Twente and the artists Elise Leusink, Reinier Kranendonk and KunstConstructie are investigating what contribution art and design can make to embedding energy innovations in society. The exhibition is in lineContinue reading


Exhibition on the road – Kunstconstructie

During the exhibition, art contruction shows the amount of unused items that were collected in the previous two months, both live and digital. A registration is also shown of this research into this lost energy. Your own stack of unused items may not be thatContinue reading

Exhibition on the road – Reinier Kranendonk

Reinier Kranendonk travels with Karnieland to various festivals in the east of the Netherlands. He can be seen at the Maker Festival Twente in Enschede (25th and 26th of May) and at Kannen & Kruiken in Zwolle (5 to 7 July). Reinier shows the highContinue reading

Exhibition on the road – Elise Leusink

Electricity is invisible and that makes it probably so difficult to reduce its consumption. The smart meter shows the usage, but they are still abstract numbers. How much is that, a kilowatt hour or a joule? With the machine that Elise Leusink builds you canContinue reading