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Hey, i’m Kenrick. Maybe you already have a bias about me based on this picture. You will figure out what my hobbies and passion are during this project. So keep following and my object is maybe a hint! I’m always smiling and I like toContinue reading


Hey i am Marina, a creative mind passionated about traveling, photography and nature. I am a people-person, believing in experiences over things. Hence, I joined the project Lostenergy, as for me it means: meeting new people, by creating art and awareness of how our materialistContinue reading


HeyHey, I am Emmi. I love getting to know people and to make new connections. Hence, this project is a great opportunity to meet new faces and hear new stories!  Living a sustainable lifestyle and making smart choices when it comes to buying things isContinue reading

Casper Teijgeler

Hi ! I am Casper Teijgeler, artist at Kunstconstructie. LostEnergy makes me think about all unnecessary products that I see around me. Once bought impulsively but now gathering dust. I think about how much energy it took to make these products and what we couldContinue reading

Françiose Braun

Hi ! I am Françoise Braun and an artist at Kunstconstructie. Lost energy shows that energy consumption is not only in your daily use, such as taking a shorter shower, turning off the lights and taking the bike more often. Energy consumption is also inContinue reading

Reinier Kranendonk

Sometimes your view needs a radical turn to start making a difference.

Elise Leusink

“A ‘modest’ transition from fossil to renewable sources will perpetuate all our societal ills as long as we simply aim to replace electricity from coal and gas to electricity from solar and wind, as this does not address the underlying problem.” (Geerts, 2017)