LostEnergy challenge

There are more than 300,000 objects in an average home, 80% of which are hardly used at all. Every item that is not used has cost energy to make it. LostEnergy that we want to make visible with this artproject. The amount of stuff on this page shows the extent of our (impulsive) buying behavior that is the standard in today’s society.

We face the major challenge of living more sustainably. There are many people who are involved in more sustainable production of things and services. We think that even more energy can be saved through more conscious purchasing behavior. One bad buy may not be a disaster, but all our bad purchases together are huge! LostEnergy!

We challenge you to put a photo of your own unused stuff on Instagram!

You can do this in two ways:
Post your picture on Instagram and tag lost.energy in it OR upload your photo to this website.

It would be nice if you hold your stuff in front of you and take a photo of your hands holding it.

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